Antenna Testing

Passive antenna testing is crucial to understanding how a newly designed antenna will perform when deployed so whether you are looking for testing of a prototype antenna in the initial stages, final product testing or even competitive analysis WRC can perform the testing on your antennas using our Satimo SG-64 chamber. New antennas should be tested starting in the preliminary stages of development. This will result in a quicker time to market and development cost. With the addition of the “POPEYE” phantom to our equipment, we are now able to characterize body worn wireless devices to ensure to device will meet the needs of the customer.

The Satimo SG-64 chamber is used to measure stand-alone antennas or antennas integrated in subsystems. It can measure Gain, Beam Width, Directivity, Cross polar discrimination, Side lobe levels, 3D radiation patterns, radiation pattern in any polarization, antenna efficiency, and more between 400 MHz and 18 GHz. You can choose a specific list of frequencies or designate a linear frequency sweep.

WRC is A2LA accredited to perform testing to IEEE 149 (IEEE Standard Test Procedures for Antennas) We are accredited for the following:

  • Antenna-Range Measurements of Radiation Patterns
  • Pattern Cuts
  • Near-Field Probing with Mathematical Transformation
  • Phase Pattern
  • Antenna Phase Center
  • Phase Measurements
  • Polarization Measurements
  • Gain Transfer Measurements
  • Directivity Measurements
  • Radiation Efficiency
  • Input-Impedance Measurements
  • Mutual Impedance
  • Measurement

Devices Tested

Cellular, Bluetooth, RFID, WiFi, GPS, LoRa, Zigbee, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, ISM band, C band, X band, Ku band

Our Customers

Wearable, Medical, Industrial, Smart Home, Energy Harvesting, Automotive, Defense, Smart City, Agriculture, Autonomous Vehicle, UAV, Aircraft, Transportation