Pre-Compliance Testing & Mitigation

OTA (Over The Air) testing is focused on the performance of the radio. OTA performance is concerned with how well will the device works on the network. This is important to both the network operator and the device manufacturer. If the device does not perform properly, the experience for the user and the efficiency of the network are negatively impacted. Certification testing can be costly and the last thing anyone wants is to have to pay for certification testing only to find out that they are failing to meet certification requirements. These failures will result in the customer spending money on troubleshooting & debugging a device. Often requiring new board layouts to correct the issue as well as additional cost of having the certification testing performed again. This is one area where the Wireless Research Center excels. Unlike traditional test houses who are testing focused only and just give only results and send you on your way, WRC can provide pre-certification testing as well as mitigation services, ensuring your costing certification is a successful outcome.

WRC offers OTA pre-certification testing. For OTA pre-certification, WRC will run baseline TRP (Total Radiated Power) and TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity) measurements to understand the performance of the device. We can then compare the baseline measurement to the standards for certification to evaluate the performance.

WRC also offers FCC pre-certification testing. For FCC we can run Idle Mode scans as well as Radiated Spurious Emissions. If a device fails to meet the performance requirements for OTA or FCC we can then offer engineering support for mitigating the issues with our staff engineers. Once the problem has been found and worked on, testing can be repeated to see what improvements have been made.

Devices Tested

  • Cell phones/Handsets
  • IoT “connected” devices
  • M2M (Mobile to Mobile)

Our Customers

  • Medical OEM’s
  • Water & Gas Utilities
  • Smart Home & Building Companies