CTIA & Verizon Authorized OTA Lab

Wireless Research Center is an A2LA accredited test lab for OTA performance as well as a CTIA Authorized Testing Lab (CATL) for Over-the-Air performance set up with equipment to provide quick, repeatable and accurate testing to the CTIA OTA test plan for LTE, WCDMA, and legacy technologies. WRC is also an approved Verizon Authorized Independent Test Lab for OTA radiated performance and is listed in the Verizon Open Device Certification Process document.

All testing is performed according to the CTIA Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance using the “Conical” Cut method. A call is established through the communication antenna and equipment under test (EUT) is positioned along the required mast centerline, either by a free-space, a head and hand, or a hand phantom only configuration.

Total Radiated Power

TRP is calculated by sampling the radiated power in each 3D direction, and then integrating all samples into one scalar value. The device under test is stepped between 0 to 180 degrees along phi axis in 15-degree increments. At each phi position, the theta axis is stepped from 0 to 360 degrees by switching probe antennas. The radiated transmit power is recorded in both polarizations simultaneously to reduce measurement uncertainties due to EUT repositioning. Upon completion of the test the net power is calculated at each measurement point and the required values of the TRP and are automatically calculated.

Total Isotropic Sensitivity

Receiver Sensitivity measurements use the same spherical measurement procedure as specified for the TRP except for angular step size. Data points are taken every 30 degrees in the Theta (θ) and in the Phi (φ) axes. The receiver performance of the device under test is measured utilizing Bit Error Rate (BER), Frame Error Rate (FER), or other error criteria.

Devices Tested

  • Cell phones/Handsets
  • IoT “connected” devices
  • M2M (Mobile to Mobile)

Our Customers

  • Medical OEM’s
  • Water & Gas Utilities
  • Smart Home & Building Companies