Wireless Technologist from Ericsson and Ixia Advances WRC Wireless Systems Expertise Including Satellite, Aviation and Defense Technology

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (June 6, 2019) – Asokan Ram has joined the Wireless Research Center as senior architect. He brings three decades of wireless networking experience including satellite, aviation and defense communication systems, expanding the engineering services available to clients worldwide.

Asokan has 25 patents and was recognized with Sony Ericsson’s Distinguished Inventor Award, Ixia Engineering Master Award, and Ixia Technical Excellence Award. “Asokan supplements our deep radio frequency and antenna expertise with broad wireless systems knowledge deeper into the network platform hardware and software,” said Gerard Hayes, Wireless Research Center (WRC) founder and CEO. “He helps us support customers across every market with 5G and next generation wireless.”

Asokan joins a team of experts with more than 100 patents supporting some of the world’s leading companies with engineering, testing and strategic business services to accelerate the commercialization of wireless products from initial concept through high-volume production.

As architect at Ixia Communications, Asokan led wireless test system design and development and mentored the engineering team. This leadership included the development, from definition to commercialization, of the 4G LTE Multi UE sector simulator and its evolution for LTE-Advanced and 5G technologies.

At Sony Ericsson and Ericsson, he led the Technology Working Group for radio access, 3GPP standardization and served in product development and engineering roles. He was a key player in architecting the ACeS GMR-2 geo-mobile satellite system based on GSM/EDGE, and led the standardization of GMR-2 air interface in ETSI. He worked on the development of multiple mobile platforms, terminals and advanced receiver algorithms for 2G GSM/EDGE and 3G WCDMA/HSPA technologies. Prior to Ericsson, he worked as research engineer on the development of a VSAT satellite system at the Center for Development of Telematics and avionics communication systems at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd in India.

“The WRC is the ideal career opportunity, enabling the full freedom to apply my knowledge and experience in a variety of fields and technology areas including defense, space, aviation, automobile, Internet of Things markets and many others. There is no limit,” Asokan said. “I am excited to join a team that is not limited to just one specific product or technology. We are connecting industries, universities and research centers, making the WRC as the place to go for technical solutions and future technology exploration.”


About the Wireless Research Center

The Wireless Research Center (WRC) is a nonprofit organization supporting clients globally with engineering services and testing for communication technologies from in-body sensors and medical devices to satellites and space exploration. The WRC accelerates the rate of scientific innovation and is a network design and Internet of Things (IoT) consultant and certified testing facility for the CTIA and many wireless network providers. The WRC fosters collaboration among commercial partners, industry groups, academic institutions and research organizations. For more information, visit www.wirelesscenter-nc.org

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