RIoT Brings Cybersecurity Discussion to DC, Talks Government IoT Projects and Data Privacy

The Internet of Things (IoT) — both the promise of the future and the biggest vulnerability of the data age. Collecting data about everyone and everything through IoT can create a higher resolution picture of the world. But that same picture can expose individuals’ data, potentially sacrificing privacy and security for government intel or corporate […]

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Meet the Speakers for RIoT XXXVII

From cybersecurity initiatives to smart city pilot projects, Washington DC’s IoT ecosystem is thriving. And this week, RIoT is hosting RIoT XXXVI: Civic, Military, & Government and IoT in DC, to hear from the innovators who are driving the 4th Industrial Revolution in the capital city. Meet the speakers for RIoT XXXVII, hosted Tuesday, September 17th in […]

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WRAL Techwire: “RIoT, TiE Carolinas team up for pitch event with 6 women founders”

Featured in WRAL Techwire – Six women founders in the Triangle are set to pitch their startups on Wednesday at PitchFest, an event co-hosted by RIoT and TiE Carolinas. RIoT is the regional Internet of Things users group; TiE stands for the IndUS Entrepreneurs. This is the first time the two organizations have partnered for an […]

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Episode XX: IoT Mouse Traps—A Prime IoT Use Case from Bayer’s Digital Pest Management Team

Imagine hiring someone JUST to walk your factory floor to check the mouse traps. If you’re a large facility without a pest problem, it’s a huge waste of time for someone to manually check all the empty traps. But for hygiene’s sake, you can’t not check them, just in case. Prime opportunity for IoT! Join […]

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WRAL TechWire: “Here’s a look at entrepreneurs’ projects aiming to boost local governments”

This article was originally published in WRAL Techwire on August 28th. by Tom Snyder, Executive Director, RIoT — August 28, 2019 . RALEIGH – For the past eight years, local volunteers have coordinated civic entrepreneurship across the region, merging efforts under the nonprofit NC Open Pass. Here are projects presented Tuesday night from entrepreneurs aiming to help local […]

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Standing in Pendo’s Growing Shadow, Raleigh’s Candidates for Mayor Describe City “at a Crossroads”

Innovate Raleigh’s meet-the-candidates forum was held Tuesday, August 15th at Pendo’s Fayetteville Street office. The six potential mayors spoke in unison about one theme: Raleigh is at a crossroads.  Caroline Sullivan, a former Wake County commissioner, said residents were at a “crossroads for our future.” Justin Sutton, a 30-year-old procurement attorney for the state of […]

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RIoT picks eight Internet of Things startups from across US for accelerator program

This article was published in WRAL TechWire on August 6th. RIoT’s Fall 2019 RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) includes Internet of Things companies that are tackling everything from taking down pesky backyard pests to better protecting newborns in the NICU. The RIoT Accelerator Program is industry and stage agnostic, but we are looking for interesting, viable IoT solutions […]

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Tom Snyder featured on Spaces and Places podcast with Site 1001

Spaces and Places is the podcast about how Site 1001 uses AI to revolutionize buildings. Site 1001’s platform helps property owners and operators lower costs, improve performance and increase value. Join us for their latest episode, Spaces and Places Podcast: Everything is Connected with Tom Snyder, featuring RIoT’s Executive Director Tom Snyder. Spaces and Places […]

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WRAL TechWire: “Cities Discuss ‘Smart,’ What’s Next for Smart City Tech & Partnerships”

RALEIGH – Marketers have decided we live in the age of “smart.” Phones are smart phones, watches are smart watches—even trash cans can now be smart trash cans. Thanks to advanced sensor, wireless, and data analytics technologies, it’s possible for almost any product or service to become “smart.” Even places are upping their IQ — […]

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