Next Gen TV Could Be Another Tool in Public Safety Arsenal

In this era of highly advanced technology, some fire and EMS agencies still use paging systems to communicate about incidents. The communication is often sequential in nature and not the best avenue for sharing urgent information. … the North Carolina Department of Information Technology (NC DIT) in partnership with the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina and UNC-TV Public Media, have embarked on a project they hope will change that.

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New WRC Engineer is Ex-military Inventor

The Wireless Research Center … added a government technology visionary and former communications advisor to the Pentagon, Paul Allan Sadowski, to the team of senior engineers. … Sadowski’s government career includes U.S. Department of Defense and public safety technology. He is a co-inventor of Paging Plus — recently recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters for TV Broadcast Innovation. He is also a co-inventor for a drone communications and sensor system that can rapidly deploy long range data communications.

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RIoT picks eight Internet of Things startups from across US for accelerator program

RIoT’s Fall 2019 RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP) includes Internet of Things companies that are tackling everything from taking down pesky backyard pests to better protecting newborns in the NICU. … Geographically, startups from across North Carolina and the greater Southeast applied. RIoT also attracted applicants from as far as California, Mexico and Israel.

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Former Ericsson exec with 25 patents joins Wireless Research Center team

(Asokan has) already got 25 patents under his belt, and has spent the last three decades of specializing in wireless networking, including satellite, aviation and defense communication systems. … Asokan will join this team of experts that has already amassed more than 100 patents supporting some of the world’s leading companies with engineering and testing of wireless products.

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